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Capella 4000 Assessment 1

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    Capella 4000 Assessment 1

    Capella 4000 Assessment 1: Academic Dishonesty

    Student Name

    Capella University

    NHS-FPX 4000 Developing a Health Care Perspective

    Prof. Name


    Academic Integrity Pledge

    I hereby solemnly affirm that all coursework completed for this course, as well as any other courses, will be exclusively and entirely of my own creation. I declare that I will function as the sole author of my work, ensuring that the language, sentences, and paragraphs presented are products of my own intellect, unless explicitly indicated through direct quotation, paraphrasing, or summarization of the work of another individual.

    Plagiarism Recognition and Avoidance

    It is explicitly acknowledged that using any segment of a peer’s discussion post without appropriate citation constitutes plagiarism. I understand that duplicating a peer’s discussion post as a model and making minimal modifications to the wording also qualifies as plagiarism.

    Reporting and Responsibility

    I pledge to promptly inform my instructor if another learner misrepresents my work or the work of others. I acknowledge the shared responsibility we all bear in upholding the integrity of the Capella degree we are striving to achieve.

    Capella 4000 Assessment 1

    Quotation Guidelines

    When incorporating direct quotes, I will utilize quotation marks, provide contextual information, and format the quote in accordance with APA guidelines. This encompasses in-paragraph citations with page numbers and a comprehensive reference citation at the conclusion.

    Paraphrasing and Summarizing

    In instances of paraphrasing or summarizing external sources, I will appropriately cite the material within the text and include a reference at the end of my work. I will use language distinct from the original source and modify the fundamental sentence structure.

    Academic Honesty Resources

    I commit to reviewing the following resources on academic honesty:

    • Academic Honesty & APA Style and Formatting.
    • University Policy 3.01.01: Academic Integrity and Honesty [PDF].
    • Maintaining Academic Honesty.
    • Avoiding Plagiarism.

    Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

    I am mindful that any use of another person’s work inconsistent with the aforementioned statements constitutes plagiarism—a serious violation of academic integrity according to Capella University’s policies. In the event that an instructor discovers an act of academic dishonesty, I acknowledge that the instructor will:

    1. Directly contact me regarding the alleged act of academic dishonesty.
    2. Provide an opportunity for me to respond and demonstrate the absence of plagiarism.
    3. Impose sanctions, potentially including zero points for the unit, a failing final grade, etc.
    4. Officially report the academic honesty violation to Capella in accordance with the university’s academic policies.

    Completion and Confirmation

    If any questions arise regarding this pledge, I will seek clarification from my instructor before appending my full name below. By entering my full name, I affirm my understanding and commitment to adhere to all the aforementioned rules, aligning with Capella University’s academic policies, from this day forward.

    Capella 4000 Assessment 1