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Spiritual care in nursing, to me means providing help to maintain and cope with illness, loses and life changes by combining mind, body and spirit. Spiritual care to me also means providing or facilitating patients with practices, beliefs, rituals or objects that people turn to during difficult times. This could be prayer, meditation, poetry or music or a visit from their priest, pastor or rabbi.   Spiritual care gives meaning to life and gives hope. Many patients know that their faith and spirituality will help them heal and people turn to their spirituality when facing difficult times. I personally believe that we need to be more aware as nurses and health care providers of the patients’  spiritual needs.

My definition of spiritual care is in accordance with the readings: according to the chapter “Spiritual Care” means being present, praying, sharing the gospel, offering words of witness and encouraging and participating in a healing service. It also means arranging referrals, planning creative strategies for follow up home care and even helping the patient become connected with a Christian community. Patients have many physical needs but sometimes the spiritual need takes priority. According to Shelly and Fish, in Spiritual Care: The Nurse Role. A spiritual need is “the lack of any factor or factors necessary to establish and/or maintain a dynamic, personal relationship with God” In spiritual care nurses and health care providers need to facilitate a personal relationship with God. Putting people in touch with God through compassionate, active listening, witnessing to them, prayer and bible reading. According to the reading chapter Spiritual care is not only welcomed by the Christian or spiritual patients the non-faithful welcome this kind of care when it is delivered with a gentle heart, gentle spirit and humility.

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