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The Christian Biblical Narrative overall says that God is the creator and is forgiving if humankind can believe and trust in God. In creation, God created everything that exists. Everything exists on purpose, it is good, and everything is the way it is supposed to be (Grand Canyon University, 2015). If one were sick, one should believe and trust in God that this is how He planned it. During the time of illness, one may find it very difficult to trust in God that he is watching out for us, it may cause a person to go against God, a “break in Shalom” (state of order and peace), which would result in the fall or sin (Grand Canyon University, 2015).  Christians can redeem themselves after having a fall out with God, if they can come to terms and realizes that God died and resurrected for our sins. They can restore a relationship with God (Grand Canyon University, 2015).  At the end it is hoped that end goal would be to restore the state of Shalom and that God will make his final judgment

During illness, one would find comfort and hope through God. One should place their hope for health and wholeness in God. The Christian narrative believes that God was also broken by death and still lives (Meilaender, 2013, pg. 131).  Hope “is the power of being cheerful in circumstances we know to be desperate” (Meilaender, 2013, pg. 131).  Christians believe that God gave us the gift of hope especially during times of illness (Meilaender, 2013, pg. 131).


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