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Great post. This is such a problem in our communities, country and worldwide. My Dad is retired and volunteers with a local foodbank- Matthews Crossing. Their website states “Arizona is tied as the 5th worst state in the U. S. for overall food insecurity. 1 in 4 children; 1 in 5 adults; and 1 in 7 seniors struggle with hunger.”  (Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank website, n.d.). I think it is so great that in his retirement he uses his time to help others. He has been taking my nephews to volunteer as well and I think it helps them to learn about this problem in our community. I think that if you know more, you do more. I do think that Americans have a lot more resources available than people who live in third world countries. At least someone in America who is hungry can try to utilize resources like food banks, foods stamps or school nutrition programs. Although this may not work for everyone as evidenced by the statistics. 

Another great resource that we have here in Arizona is an organization called Feed My Starving Children. FMSC is a food packing ministry. They send their meal packs out to countries all over the world. On their website they state “We’ve worked hard to create nutritious meal formulas that really meet the need of starving people, and this food makes a real impact in their lives.” (Feed My Starving Children website, 2017). I have actually been able to witness communities benefiting from these food packs when I was on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. It was awesome to see how food assistance can transform the overall health of a community with my own eyes! My Dad also volunteers here. He is just awesome like that. You can tell I am proud of him. But the truth is that we should all do our part to eradicate hunger. We can contribute in our community and worldwide as well.


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