ece355 week 1 discussion 2 RESPONSE a.b.

Share an example of how you will bring one of the ideas they shared about being family centered to life in your work with children and their families. 5 sentences or more.

Examine how the definition of family shared in the video 2010âs American Family Defined is similar or different to the definition of family shared in your course text.

I think the difference is that there is more of a variety of families in the video than in the textbook. According to the text, âFamilies are generally viewed as the primary unit in which children are raised and learn about the worldâ (Wardle & Fitzpatrick 2016). In the video, they showed a lot of different family units, and how much the general population thought that certain families were actually families. I thought the percentages were ridiculous, and that people nowadays are a lot more accepting with how families are made up. There are a lot more single parents, and blended families then there were even 10 years ago.

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Describe what providing family-centered support means to you.

I think it means that you put your family first before anything else in your life. I also think it means that the family as a whole, extended family and even close friends all help to raise the children, and keep everything running smoothly. According to the Guiding Principles of Family Support Programs, âParenting is influenced by the social, economic and psychological context of families, communities and cultures and involves creating a balance between the needs of the child and the needs of the parentsâ. It is very important that not just the children get what they need, but also the parents. If there is help within the family unit, like grandmas and grandpas willing to help out, it makes the parentâs lives a little easier.

Summarize how understanding the definition of family will allow you to be family centered when advocating for children and their families.

Understanding the definition of family is very important if you work with children and their families. Since all families are made of different dynamics, it is good to be open-minded and be as supportive as possible. âFamily-centered practice focuses on working with the family unit to strengthen family capacity and ensure the best possible outcomes for childrenâ (). If we all work together, then we can make sure the families we work with are being supported when they need.


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