For this assignment, please read the article How Vaping Nicotine can Affect the Teenage Brain (

For this assignment, please read the article How Vaping Nicotine can Affect the Teenage Brain ( and answer the following questions:

1. What is news article about? State the topic, question, or findings that the article addresses. 

2. Are there any claims being made in the news article? If so, what claim is being made? 

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3. What is the source of the claim? Is the claim from a scientific article (i.e., one that has been peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal) or some other source? If the claim is from a scientific article, does the news article provide information on how to find the original scientific article? Can you provide the reference information (in APA format) of the scientific article? If there is no source to the claim, state that 

4. Is there any other evidence the news article provides in support of their claim? 

5. What is the take away message from the article?