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NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

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    NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

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    Capella University

    NHS-FPX 5004 Communication, Collaboration, and Case Analysis for Master’s Learners

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    Leadership and Group Collaboration

    Following our previous discussions and subsequent written correspondences, I want to express my strong interest in taking on the role of Project Leader.

    While the identified needs for this project might be disheartening, I appreciate that the organization is actively committed to involving the community in creating impactful and sustainable solutions using organizational capabilities and industry best practices.

    As a healthcare professional, my commitment to the well-being of others is of utmost importance. Since the beginning of my academic journey and entry into the healthcare sector as a trained professional, the Hippocratic Oath has been my ethical compass. Although traditionally associated with physicians, its principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence have guided me throughout my career. If given the opportunity to serve, I intend to uphold these ethical principles in all my duties and responsibilities.

    My initial assessment suggests that our target community of Haitians is hesitant to utilize prescribed healthcare services, evidenced by significantly reduced utilization rates. This reluctance is often rooted in cultural values and norms that are not fully understood or respected. Additionally, an internal employee survey has revealed that 75% of employees directly or indirectly serving this target community have expressed “concerns” not only regarding diversity but also workplace incivility and poor work-life balance.

    While I have several inquiries regarding survey methodologies, community engagement strategies, and resource allocation, I am confident in my ability to effectively address these pressing issues based on my training, experience, and passion. Central to my approach to leadership and collaboration is an unwavering commitment to clarity.

    NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

    Throughout my life, I have strived for effectiveness in all my endeavors. My approach emphasizes the clear definition of goals and objectives, along with the establishment of a precise direction and the means by which these goals and objectives will be achieved. This approach has consistently proven successful in my youth, educational pursuits, and my entire professional career.

    During my undergraduate studies, I encountered Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which suggests that once a deficit need is satisfactorily met, it diminishes, and our activities shift towards fulfilling the next set of needs. This concept is applicable to business, where continued growth, observation, collaboration, and assessment are essential. Successful managers align their vision with that of the larger organization they are part of (Davis, Hellervik, Sheard, Skube, & Gebelein, 1996).

    In today’s workplace, project leadership is pivotal to success. All of humanity’s greatest achievements, from constructing the great pyramids to discovering a cure for polio to landing a man on the moon, began as projects (Larson & Gray, 2018). While commonly associated with the private sector for ensuring efficient productivity, project management is equally vital for achieving desired societal outcomes. A successful project leader effectively utilizes all available resources, including human resources.

    For our discussion, the ideal project leader should value diversity. As an African-American female, I can readily relate to the historical and ongoing challenges faced by “communities of color” and historically marginalized groups such as women. While I do not compare myself to Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), his approach during the Civil Rights Movement exemplifies outstanding project leadership.

    As a leader, I possess numerous professional and personal qualities essential for successfully leading the project team. Similar to MLK, I am characterized by a deep sense of love and compassion for the well-being of others. In both my professional and personal life, I am deeply troubled by inequities resulting from the fundamental disregard or marginalization of others. Regarding our current task, the Haitian community is diverse in itself, as well as in comparison to the larger diaspora in the United States. Understanding the historical significance, international relationships, resource allocation, governance, and immigration policies that impact the Haitian residents’ experiences is a priority. We must immerse ourselves in this history and align with those willing to comprehend it.

    NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

    Another critical requirement for a successful project leader is the ability to build effective collaborations. As history teaches us, MLK forged powerful collaborations even among groups with opposing interests. In my healthcare leadership role, I also leverage collaboration to ensure successful healthcare outcomes. This involves managing personnel, insurance, diagnoses, emotional and legal considerations.

    I have found that establishing and maintaining effective collaboration is essential for project leadership. Whether identifying project stakeholders, balancing technical and sociocultural needs, distinguishing routine operations from project-specific tasks, or leading throughout all project stages, effective leadership is crucial.

    The composition of the interdisciplinary group of professionals will be a primary focus of my leadership in this project. My understanding is that the projected team size will be 4-6 individuals. After ensuring an effective process for identifying and selecting these team members, I would initiate initial communications with those selected to schedule our inaugural meeting.

    Once the team is assembled, I would introduce myself formally, offering insights into my identity as both a person and a leader. As a collaborative leader, I value diverse ideas, opinions, and viewpoints expressed professionally. While all viewpoints are valued, it is vital that I maintain appropriate decision-making authority while overseeing overall execution.

    Potential conflicts may arise if some team members feel their viewpoints were not fully incorporated into our decisions. However, as a leader, I am committed to demonstrating courage and aligning differing viewpoints with our project goals. Ensuring team input in setting project goals and designating stakeholders to ensure timely execution will further mitigate potential conflicts. To foster effective collaboration, I plan to utilize all available resources to lead and encourage open communication within the team.

    Our communication will take place within a designated project management tool. For instance, Microsoft Project has proven effective, offering powerful tools for documenting, communicating, measuring, analyzing, and tracking resource utilization throughout the project cycle. Team members with limited prior experience will find it user-friendly, with built-in help functions to address operational questions. This centralized repository ensures that information is accessible to all team members at any time.

    NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

    Accountability, decision-making, and delegation practices are also streamlined with Microsoft Project. From decision trees to identifying accountable parties for specific tasks or outcomes, each team member’s role is clearly defined. Various software features, such as reminders and alerts, can be employed to keep team members informed of their responsibilities. Additionally, team members can visualize the impact of their actions (or inactions) on project goals, enhancing accountability. Ultimately, I bear responsibility for ensuring that deliverables are met, and I will provide individual guidance, counseling, or instructions when necessary.

    As a leader, my dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace has been integral to my professional success. Actively engaging others, maintaining a flexible decision-making process that embraces group collaboration, and encouraging both formal and informal employee engagement are paramount.

    In conclusion, I extend my gratitude for considering me for this pivotal leadership position. Upon closer examination of my qualifications, I believe you will find me to be highly professional, motivated, and uniquely suited to assume the role of project leader.


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