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NURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article

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    NURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article

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    NURS-FPX 6025 MSN Practicum

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    Practicum and Scholarly Article

    Murphy, J. (2010). Nursing Informatics: The Intersection of Nursing, Computer, and Information Sciences. Nursing Economic$28(3), 204–207. doi:10.1007/978-1-84996-278-0

    Judy Murphy’s scholarly article delves into the realm of nursing informatics, examining the fusion of nursing, computer, and information sciences. The involvement of executive nurses, nurse managers, and faculty in health information technology (IT) is discussed, alongside the essential competencies necessary for effective practice in the contemporary patient care environment. Murphy educates prospective nurse informaticists on leveraging information technology to enhance patient care quality.

    The article traces the historical development of nursing informatics, emphasizing its evolution into a specialized nursing field with defined scopes of practice, competencies, and certifications. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, the concept of “meaningful use,” and the Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform (TIGER Initiative) are thoroughly elucidated.

    Detailed discussions on the implementation and enforcement of health IT, including electronic health records, online medication reconciliation, barcode-based medication administration, automated care planning, and documentation, are presented. The author addresses challenges, topics, and issues in informatics, equipping nurse informaticists with the knowledge necessary to enhance patient care quality.

    NURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article

    In today’s dynamic health systems, technology plays a crucial role in nursing and education (Darvish et al., 2014). The article underscores the importance of integrating nurses into technology and advocating for relevant educational programs in information technology. Nursing informatics involves the integration of IT and tailored training for all nursing categories to keep pace with technological advancements and deliver high-quality healthcare.

    Nursing informatics, as noted by Murphy (2010), originated in the 1960s when computer systems were first introduced in hospitals for financial purposes. The influence of computers in healthcare expanded rapidly, transforming data collection and analysis, patient care, resource management, and team operations (Sridhar, 2017).

    The article recognizes the emergence of a new nursing career focused on informatics, with nurses at all levels using technology, particularly through patient records. Various career options within nursing informatics, such as clinical informatics specialist, nursing informatics specialist, clinical analyst, clinical informatics manager, clinical informatics coordinator, and nursing informatics analyst, are outlined (Ball & Hannah, 2011).

    Nurses are deemed well-suited for health informatics positions due to their clinical knowledge, workflow experience, healthcare technology familiarity, and previous education in healthcare information systems. The article anticipates continued job opportunities in informatics as it becomes more integral to the nursing field (Ball & Hannah, 2011).

    In conclusion, Murphy’s article offers a comprehensive overview of nursing informatics, covering its history, challenges, and the evolving role of nurses in leveraging technology to enhance patient care. The integration of nursing into technology and the growing career opportunities in nursing informatics highlight the critical intersection of nursing and information sciences.


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    NURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article