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NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 2 Stakeholder Meeting

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    NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 2 Stakeholder Meeting

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    Capella University

    NURS-FPX 6214 Health Care Informatics and Technology

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    Key Stakeholders Attending the Meeting

    The progression of technology is a pivotal driver of change and progress in patient care and organizational development. It is instrumental in aligning healthcare organizations with the evolving needs of patients and the current demands of the industry. The stakeholders selected for the meeting include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Nursing Officer, Head of Physicians, Director of Education and Health Services, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Head of Information Technology Department, Quality Assurance Representative, Safety and Security Officer, Policy Maker, and the Government Representative associated with the health department. These stakeholders were carefully chosen with the singular agenda of fostering collaborative efforts to ensure the efficient implementation of technological changes across the field.

    The primary goal was to secure the sustainability of healthcare services, enhance information flow, and foster collaboration among various departments. The proposed change aimed to deliver benefits and improved quality of care to patients while equally benefiting the nursing community and medical professionals. The introduced telehealth technology, encompassing wearables and remote monitoring devices, was designed to facilitate easier and quicker access to healthcare for patients, nurses, and doctors. Its intended outcomes include the reduction of mishaps, near-miss incidents, and effective management of challenges such as adversity, malpractice, and communication barriers between healthcare providers and patients.

    Engaging all stakeholders aimed to leverage diverse perspectives for understanding and suggesting changes in the technology. It was crucial for all stakeholders to comprehend the operation and integration of the technology. Key participants in this endeavor included the Head of the IT Department, responsible for regulating information, as well as policymakers, safety and security officers, and the government representative. Their involvement was vital for ensuring the efficient and safe use of the technology.

    Meeting Announcement

    Subject: Meeting Announcement for New Innovative Technology “Wearable/Remote Monitoring Devices”

    Dear Team,

    I trust this message finds you in good health. I am writing to inform you about a mandatory stakeholder meeting scheduled for this Friday at 2:30 pm, following the lunch break. The agenda for the meeting is centered around the implementation and integration of a new telehealth technology known as wearables or remote monitoring devices. The primary objective is to enhance patient engagement in their treatment by encouraging them to monitor their vitals actively.

    The meeting will take place in boardroom A2 on the second floor. Attendance is mandatory for all department heads, including the CEO, CFO, directors, and official representatives from IT, security, education, research, budgeting, and nursing. Kindly confirm your availability or designate a replacement in case of unavailability to ensure comprehensive departmental representation.

    Please take a moment to review the meeting agenda and prepare any questions you may have regarding the technology. Your timely confirmation and thoughtful participation are highly appreciated. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Best regards,

    [Your Name]

    Agenda of the Meeting

    The agenda for the meeting revolves around the advancement of telehealth technology, specifically wearable and remote monitoring devices. The key discussion points include:

    1. Technology Advancement: Explore the necessary technological advancements and their potential impact on improving patient engagement and care.
    2. Criteria for Utilization: Define the criteria for the advancement and optimal utilization of wearables and remote monitoring devices.
    3. Efficacy Measurement: Discuss methods to measure the efficacy and outcomes of the introduced technology.
    4. Safety and Security: Address concerns related to safety and security and propose strategies for effective management.
    5. Implementation Timeline: Outline the timeline for the implementation of the technology and strategies to encourage its widespread use.
    6. Feedback and Upgrades: Solicit feedback and discuss plans for annual upgrades to ensure the continuous improvement of the technology.

    Your active participation in these discussions is crucial for the successful implementation of this innovative technology.

    Thank you.