Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.

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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1

Reengineering of health care is at the center of most health care institutions today. The concept entails putting in of the appropriate measures to ensure that it provides cost effective care, there is increased value in customer service as well as there is the reordering of priorities within the institution that will facilitate the achievements of goals and objectives.

            Nurse Managers play a crucial role in the health care organizations. Their primary function is to manage the nurses who offer services to the patients. Nurse leaders facilitate reengineering of health care in different ways. Firstly, they help in decision making. Appropriate decisions are vital in the reengineering of the health care. Nurse leaders recruit the member of the nursing staff and provide oversight. When doing this, they ought to follow ethical principles that guide their profession. They have to ensure that they adhere to the professional code of ethical to protect not only the rights of the patients but also those of the members of staff. A well-managed team of professionals will deliver expected services to the customers (Coonan, 2007).

            Secondly, they help in the implementation of the legal environment. The nurse managers stay up to date with the legal requirements of the nursing profession to ensure that they operate smoothly. The nurse leaders work with the families of the patients and also doctors to delivering health care services. While doing this, they have to operate within the laws that protect patients such as in issues of confidentiality and also those legislations that protect the professionals.

            Nurse leaders also support innovations in the organizations. For instance, they take part of discussion and implementations of any technologies that will help facilitate the provision of quality and fast services to patients and also make the work easy for the staff members (Larson, 2016).