Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.

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Re:Topic 1 DQ 1

Science does not pay respect to spirituality, faith and religion. Science focuses on facts and data. After working many years in the nursing field I fell like this conflict is improving but still exists. Medical schools, nursing schools, and healthcare systems in recent years has made an concerted effort to increase awareness to cultural, religion, and spirituality helping healthcare professionals become more aware of how to treat the whole patient. The focus of healthcare has added more compassion into practice and to take into account patients mental needs as well as physical wellness. To me the physical is the science perspective and the mental is  a more religious perspective. Science and religion shouls work together for the good of the whole patient just like physical and mental health work together for holistic care.

” When we are mindful to the various elements of the human experience and are acutely aware of the sacred responsibility we hold when we treat the [body] of another person and we are humbled by the beauty, sensitivity and complexity of the design of the human body and spirit. it is that moment that we do our best work and are in service to the well-being of the patient, and we are grateful for the fulfilling experience of restoring health to that person.”

Rota, J. (2017). Mirror of the body. Retrieved from Goodread>quotes>tag>holistisic-health.