Short Answer 150 words for each question

1.       Does the concept of attachment interact with leadership?  Explain.

2.    Melanie Klein did some work on psychic defense mechanisms.  How do those apply in today’s world?  Explain

3.    Karen Horney did some work identifying compulsive drives.  Looking is your environment today provide an explanation and example of how these drives would be manifested.

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4.    Looking at Fromm’s discussion on human needs, pick one and explain how it might apply to someone you know.

5.    Erich Fromm introduces us to the dimension of Humanistic Psychoanalysis.  This dimension approaches our look into psychoanalysis with some basic differences from the theories we have studied to date. Define humanistic psychoanalysis and how it might be applied in today’s world.

6.    Erik Erikson presents methods of investigation.  Explain one and whether it is appropriate for research in today’s environment.