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Alders was as Australian doctor as well as a psychotherapy. He helps advance various works of Sigmund Freud in psychoanalysis. However, the two theories differed in some of their views on various matters. For instance, Alders was more concerned about the internal factors that determined the personality of a personal as well as the different mental condition (Porter, 2010). He sought to understand hem and treat them. Sigmund o the other hand was interested in both the internal and external environmental factors. He viewed the various external issues such as the society and how it affected the personalities of people. He sought to understand this issues and seek treatment of the mental conditions a well understand them Sigmund is therefore a better theory as he considered more than one option and considered different perspective in his research (Porter, 2010). This makes his findings more accurate than that of alders in more ways than one.


Porter, T. M. (2010). Karl Pearson: The scientific life in a statistical age. Princeton University Press.

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1.    The text mentions subjective perceptions.  What does that concept entail?